Emergency Assistance Grants

Emergency Assistance Grants


Since 2001, Hope Chest has distributed over 4,500 grants to breast cancer patients and their families. Each grant represents hope and relief, two elements that are crucial in the fight against cancer. Hope Chest grants have paid rent and mortgages. They’ve covered car payments, utility bills, daycare costs and provided nutrition.

We hope that someday our services aren’t needed, because there will be a cure. Until then, we are here to help ease the daily burdens of breast cancer treatment.

Please follow the Apply Now button below for the quickest access to funds. A hard copy of the application can be downloaded here, but will result in a slower application process.


Do I qualify?
  • To be eligible to receive emergency assistance funds from Hope Chest for Breast Cancer Foundation, you must be in active treatment for breast cancer in the state of Minnesota. Click here for more criteria. 
  • Active treatment is defined as chemotherapy, radiation or surgery with a recovery time of more than four weeks. Hormone therapy, palliative and hospice care is not considered active treatment. 
  • Your health care provider will receive an email to verify your treatment, and once done, your application can be processed. We strive to respond to all applications as quickly as possible.

What our friends say about us.

Tell Us Your Hope Chest Story

Benefit Recipient
The Hope Chest was my shining light in the deep, dark hole of medical bills. People I didn't know reached out to me and generously gave prayers, support, and gifts.
Benefit Recipient
The support has been overwhelming from the gals at Hope Chest. I participated in my first ever Fillies Race for Hope, and it was everything I imagined.

Now it is time for me to thank God for the opportunity that I can help give back and support Hope Chest. I want to be involved as much as I can!
A couple of gentlemen from Hope Chest came to my house to pick up a dining table set that I was donating to Hope Chest. They were so pleasant and accommodating! So often you don't hear of any services unless they negative, but these two gentlemen were very accommodating and very polite! Thank you so very much, I appreciated the help!

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