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Lifting The Burden

Every other minute in this country, a person hears the devastating words: “You have breast cancer.” By the time you finish reading this page, another family will be irrevocably affected. The time and costs associated with medical care are just the beginning - we’re here to help with everything else. No one should be left homeless or financially devastated by this terrible disease. We can’t fix everything, but together we can fix this.

We’re here…
because the need is real
  • Two-thirds of the total costs of breast cancer treatment are non-medical.
  • Cancer patients are more than 2.5 times more likely to go bankrupt than people without cancer.
  • Women undergoing treatment for breast cancer have to miss an average of 44.5 days of work.
because life won’t wait
  • The rent or mortgage still needs to be paid
  • The utility bills are still due on time
  • Someone still needs to buy groceries
because insurance doesn’t cover everything, like:
  • Travel costs associated with seeking treatment
  • Cost of childcare while you're in treatment
How will your donation make a difference?

$25 provides transportation to a patient's treatment appointment

$50 affords 1 day of childcare while they are undergoing treatment

$100 supplies a patient with groceries and essential nutrients for the week

$250 keeps their heat and lights on in their home for one month

$500 covers their car payment or car repair so that they can maintain reliable transportation

$1000 can pay the rent and keep the patient in their own home for one month

What our friends say about us.

Tell Us Your Hope Chest Story

A couple of gentlemen from Hope Chest came to my house to pick up a dining table set that I was donating to Hope Chest. They were so pleasant and accommodating! So often you don't hear of any services unless they negative, but these two gentlemen were very accommodating and very polite! Thank you so very much, I appreciated the help!
Benefit Recipient
Attending Fillies Race for Hope gave me the strength and courage, to face my fear of the surgery and my new life.

On August 10, 2015, I had a bilateral mastectomy and started a new journey in life. I will continue to support Hope Chest for Breast Cancer because it has supported me.
Benefit Recipient
The support has been overwhelming from the gals at Hope Chest. I participated in my first ever Fillies Race for Hope, and it was everything I imagined.

Now it is time for me to thank God for the opportunity that I can help give back and support Hope Chest. I want to be involved as much as I can!

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