Julie's Story

Nobody wants to hear the words “you have cancer.” I went to my 3rd annual mammogram in February 2017, I had a 3D image taken as it was recommended for those with dense breast tissue. After additional imaging and a biopsy… a month later is when I heard those words. I have no family history, no signs or symptoms. I was one of the unlucky ones. The following 8 months of my life had been a whirlwind of doctor appointments and emotions; scans, biopsies, surgeries, reconstruction, chemo, hair loss, side effects and medications.

Having a life-threatening disease puts your priorities in order fast. What once seemed like a big problem in everyday life is now a small hurdle. God put this whole experience in my lap and I am not going to waste it. My faith and trust in God has taught me how strong I am. I have a better appreciation of people and I am empowered to do the things I never thought I could. Cancer gave me a chance to grow and learn more about myself. I could not have gone through it without the support of my husband and two boys. They helped me stay positive and taught me how to accept help. I am very lucky and blessed, support came in from all directions and it was overwhelming. If cancer comes back I cannot and will not lose the battle with my army behind me. I want to give more, stress less and take life one day at a time. Enjoy every second and make it count.

I am blessed and honored to be a part of Hope Chest Chest’s Mission and that I can share my story through them. My hope is to inspire other women to be strong and remain positive. You can get through it even when it doesn’t seem possible. YOU CAN DO IT!

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