Sue's Story

In 1992 I was 35 years old and a mother of three young kids and the holidays were fast approaching. It’s that special time of year that brings joy and laughter but this December was different. I had a doctor appointment to check the lump I had for the past three months, I was told from another physician that it was cyst. This doctor’s visit was to aspirate the cyst, unsuccessful, my doctor requested a biopsy. Within a short time, my husband and I were in her office, the diagnosis, Breast Cancer. My whole life changed that day. My only option for survival was a mastectomy and chemotherapy. My surgery was two days after Christmas.

In December of 2002 I celebrated 10 years cancer free, at least that’s what I thought. Christmas Day I found another lump. After more tests, the biopsy results were not what I wanted to hear. I had prepared myself for this result but I wasn’t that strong to accept what would come. My children had grown up, married, in college, and having kids of their own. I had gone through chemo before, but I could not have prepared myself for this chemotherapy regimen. I had days I didn’t want to go back for another treatment, as I looked my little granddaughter’s eyes I kept saying one more time. I fought like a girl and kept taking punches and was knocked down, but I punched back, got up and kept fighting. I am here by the grace of God.

My husband promised to love me in sickness and in health, he kept that promise. My life is complete so if I were to die tomorrow God has given me a wonderful life, but my story isn’t done quite yet, I have a few more chapters to write. “I AM A BREAST CANCER SURVIOR” Amen!

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