Teri's Story

I was 45 years old when I was playing with our new kitten and it scratched my left breast. I rubbed it and felt a lump. I was terrified. I told a friend about it, she said not to wait and to get it checked. I made an appointment to get it checked and another appointment for a mammogram. I was concerned because I didn’t have insurance at the time and was referred to the Sage program and sent to Hope Chest Breast Center at North Memorial. A biopsy was done, and I got the results a few days later.

Breast cancer, stage 3. More doctor appointments and genetic testing, I was adopted and unaware of family medical history. I had surgery to remove lump and the genetic test results came back positive for the BRCA2 gene. More testing and scans to see if my body could tolerate the type of chemo my Oncologist wanted to do. One of the scans revealed spots in my chest and near my Ovaries. We proceeded with four rounds of chemo. The spots were GONE or shrunk! I had surgery to see what the spots near ovaries were, hysterectomy, another scary word. Ovarian cancer, stage 3. Another six rounds of chemo, followed by 33 rounds of radiation.

Today I am in remission. I am 5 ½ yrs CANCER FREE! My life has had some ups and downs the last five years. I now have two grandchildren, I just purchased my first house on my own and purchased my first new car!

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